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recorded & interactive

eventsOne of the best ways to gain new insights is by attending a focused event. This event could be in the form of a webinar, either recorded or live, attendance at a regional trade show, hearing a technology overview presented over refreshments, going to a sporting event with peers, or sitting down with a handful of peers to discuss strategies on how to solve business issues with technologies. There is also value in giving back by attending a charitable event where like-minded peers are also in attendance. Any and all of these forms are ways that TriAxis and its partners ‘spread the word’ in the marketplace. We encourage you to look at what we’re doing and seeing if you would like to participate.
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on-premise & cloud

solutionsThere are so many ways to store, manage and protect your valuable corporate data, that we try to do our best to give you flexible, scalable approaches and tools. For nearly all of our customers, a double-pronged approach to doing this is recommended. As a matter of fact, it’s probably something you are already doing to one degree or another. In order to optimize your strategy, look at what we have to offer that may augment your strategy.
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dealer & independent

programsToday’s economy is ripe for individuals and organizations to diversify. Finding experienced and turn-key programs that can facilitate this and show immediate success were, heretofore, difficult to find — no longer! TriAxis has, over the least several years, been enabling both individuals and organizations to do just that. Whether you are looking to add CapEx-oriented technologies with a complete and defined ‘go-to-market’ strategy behind it, or if your goal is to build a growing and ongoing monthly occurring revenue stream, we have that services and technologies for businesses and individuals that in what are increasingly seen as recession-proof essential services.
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On-premise and in the Cloud


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